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You are interested in contacting Jungheinrich to offer your goods and services? You want to present an innovative product, which will contribute to the further advancement of Jungheinrich as one of the leading companies in the material handling equipment, warehousing and material flow engineering sectors? Please send us your application or your product proposal online.

Jungheinrich is organised into product groups, which in principle are differentiated according to series and after-series requirements. On the bases of the organisational structure of the Jungheinrich product group management, our requirements are divided into five areas. These are made up of a total of 48 main product groups, which in turn comprise the detailed product groups. Following successful online application, our product group management will send you information on how to proceed.

Please select the appropriate corporate division or product category for the service or innovative product you want to apply for:

Indirect Material

Indirect materials include all products and services, which are required in the daily Jungheinrich business, but have nothing to do with the direct production of the finished goods.

Indirect materials tend to have high purchasing process costs; therefore, Jungheinrich uses e-procurement solutions like SAP SRM (Desktop Purchasing Systems) to reduce process costs on indirect materials.  

The Jungheinrich Corporate Purchasing department (FE) manages the following indirect materials: logistics, customs management, IT & services, fleet- and travel management, facility management, marketing and office supplies.

In the Indirect Materials area you can apply for:

Facility management
Fleet management
Third-party services
Outsourced installation
IT hardware and services
Indirect material
Plant equipment
Consumables and auxiliary materials

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Trading Goods

This area covers all Group Trading Goods as well as the batteries and chargers product groups. Merchandise includes trucks, warehouse equipment as well as system solutions for intralogistics.

In the Trading Goods area you can apply for:

Warehouse equipment
Logistics systems
Complete units

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This represents all main product groups with parts and components which are in the broadest sense made from steel and are fitted in the truck individually.

In the Steelwork area you can apply for:

Semi-finished steelwork parts
Steel assemblies
Formed parts
Machined parts
Cast and forged parts

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Truck Components

You will find all the components which are used in our trucks here.
In the Truck Components area you can apply for:

Hydraulic components
Pumps, units, valves
Power train, electric
Electronic components
Electronic systems
Wheels and rollers for fork lift trucks
Standard parts (DIN, chains, signs, catalogue items, etc.)
Power train, combustion engines
Tyres and wheel rims for fork lift trucks

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Spare Parts Management

Direct material which is used for supplying our customers with spare parts and which is not or no longer required in series production.

In the Spare Parts Management area you can apply for:

Replacement parts and repairs
Third-party spare parts
Hand tools
Spare parts logistics
After-series electronics
After-series steelwork
After-series batteries
After-series standard parts – packaging
After-series drive components
After-series plastic
After-series hydraulics
After-series cabs and operation
After-series tyres and rollers for fork lift trucks
After-series attachements

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